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Apple Features FinalScratch During In-Store Events

Stanton’s award-winning FinalScratch® system is being showcased at the flagship Apple Store in Chicago during a series of DJ-oriented events

Stanton’s award-winning FinalScratch® system is beingshowcased at the flagship Apple Store in Chicago during a series ofDJ-oriented events. Held in their Apple Store Product Theater fromApril through June, the weekly events feature guest DJs and producerslecturing and performing with Apple’s innovative PowerMac andPowerBook computers, Garage Band software and iPod along withStanton’s FinalScratch. A separate program held at the AppleStore called “Hit the Decks” helps expose inner-citychildren to new DJing technologies from Apple and Stanton.

“The Apple PowerBook and FinalScratch have quickly becomestandards for evolutionary DJs and electronic music producers,”says Henri Cohen, Stanton’s Vice President of sales andmarketing. “We’re proud that an innovative company likeApple recognized Stanton’s role in furthering the advancement ofDJ technology with FinalScratch.”

In addition to a FinalScratch system, Stanton has also placed two oftheir award-winning STR8-150 turntables and an SMX-301 mixer in thestore to facilitate the seminars and events.

The first event at the North Michigan Avenue location, featuredInternationally-known DJ Chip E, who explained the history ofApple’s deep involvement with music creation focused toward theDJ. Chip stated that Stanton’s FinalScratch was “not only aperfect marriage with the Apple platform, but was clearly the evolutionof any serious DJ.” He went on to provide a tour of the PowerBookand Apple’s garage Band software, creating a new song with thelaptop system. Chip then used his FinalScratch system to convert themusic he’d just created and played it on the fly using turntablesto control his digital files. DJs who attended the event were thengiven an opportunity to scratch and mix with the system.

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