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Audiomovers Binaural Renderer for Apple Music Plug-In Debuts

With the plug-in, users can hear how immersive sessions will sound on Apple Music while still working in any DAW.

Audiomovers Binaural Renderer for Apple Music Plug-In
Audiomovers Binaural Renderer for Apple Music Plug-In.

New York, NY (October 5, 2023)—Audiomovers has introduced Binaural Renderer for Apple Music, a plug-in that applies binaural rendering to Atmos mixes, allowing users to hear how a Dolby Atmos session audio will sound on Apple Music.

Checking how immersive session audio sounds when played back on Apple Music has been a challenge for engineers, requiring workarounds like exporting a mix from one DAW into another to check the binaural rendering translation.

With the plug-in, engineers can monitor their multichannel audio in any DAW, and listen live on compatible Apple headphones or built-in speakers on MacBook Pro (2018 model or later), MacBook Air (2018 model or later), or iMac (2021 model).

Avid, Audiomovers Team for Audio Collaboration Bundle

Personalized HRTF and head tracking is available on compatible Apple AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, Beats Fit Pro and Beats Studio Pro and on Mac computers with Apple silicon and MacOS 12.3 or later.

The plug-in offers additional features like Mute/Solo for every channel and the ability to switch rendering profiles (media, movie). The Binaural Renderer for Apple Music plug-in works in Mac OS 12.6; comes in VST 3, AAX and AU formats; supports 7.1.4 input channel layout; and works in all major DAWs supporting multichannel audio, such as Pro Tools, Nuendo and Cubase Pro.

The Binaural Renderer for Apple Music retails for $79.99.