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ATC Announces Production of HyperSonic Sound System

American Technology Corporation (San Diego, Calif.) announced factory production of the first commercial units of its HyperSonic Sound (HSS) system, which

American Technology Corporation (San Diego, Calif.) announcedfactory production of the first commercial units of its HyperSonicSound (HSS) system, which creates highly directional sound using theair itself.

The first HSS production model, PB1200, is a dual-emitter, digitalplayback version, which is fully self-contained in a compact enclosure.Other models are planned for introduction over the next several monthsbased on customer application and requirements.

“HSS is an exciting audio innovation that is shaping thefuture of sound,” said Terry Conrad, president of ATC. “Ourproprietary production methods have now made HSS economical, and itwill become even more economical as unit volumes and applicationsexpand.”

The wide range of applications was a result from recent improvementsmade by ATC in the sound quality and output level of HSS. The design ofthe current production HSS model has resulted in a system optimized forlow distortion and smooth frequency response.

“Orders from existing ATC customers and licensees have alreadyabsorbed our full production capabilities through this fall,”said Bob Todrank, VP of business development of ATC. “Initialapplications for HSS include point-of-purchase displays, kiosks, retailstore advertising, museum guides and exhibit booth sound.”

The HSS systems being produced for ATC by HST Inc., itsmanufacturing partner, meet all appropriate government regulatoryrequirements and will carry the UL and CE labels, indicating that allsafety requirements have been met. The FDA also has issued a“clearance to market” to ATC for HSS, as it pertains toultrasonic devices for other than medical applications.

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