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Berklee College of Music, Line 6 Partner Up

Line 6 and Berklee College of Music announced today that they have entered into an agreement whereby Line 6 will deliver Berklee's guitar and bass curriculum

Line 6 and Berklee College of Music announced today that they haveentered into an agreement whereby Line 6 will deliver Berklee’s guitarand bass curriculum through GuitarPort, Line 6’s computer-based jammingand learning tool.

Under the agreement, Berklee will provide Line 6 with a multitude ofits online musical-instructional programs and lessons for guitar andbass guitar to be used through GuitarPort. The interactive lessons weredeveloped by top instructors and include varying combinations ofplay-along audio files, lead sheets, tablature, notation and text.

“From the Berklee perspective, we are very excited to work with Line6 to reach an audience of aspiring guitar players through GuitarPort,”said David Kusek, associate VP for Berklee Media.

The instructional programs for both the beginner and advanced guitarplayer include: “Instant Guitar” (day one beginner); “Berklee PracticeMethod Guitar” (novice); “Jim Kelly’s Guitar Workshop” (intermediate toadvanced); and “More Jim Kelly’s Guitar Workshop” (intermediate toadvanced). Lessons for bass guitar include: “Instant Bass” (day onebeginner); “Berklee Practice Method Bass” (novice); “Rock Bass Lines”(beginner through advanced); and “Slap Bass Lines” (beginner throughadvanced).

In addition to traditional guitar instruction, the “Jim KellyWorkshops” teach guitarists how to play in the different styles oftheir favorite artists, including Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, MikeStern, Pat Metheny, Joe Pass and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

“Line 6 is pleased to offer its GuitarPort users the opportunity ofa lifetime–the chance to take some of the best guitar lessons from oneof the world’s best music institutions,” said Doug Provisor, VP onlineservices for Line 6.

For more information, visit Line 6 at or Berklee College of Music at