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B&H Pro Audio Publishes Source Book

Marking the 30th anniversary of B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio, The Professional Audio Sourcebook was compiled by the company’s staff and comprises two volumes

Marking the 30th anniversary of B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio,The Professional Audio Sourcebook was compiled by thecompany’s staff and comprises two volumes of 1,580 pagesdedicated to the most current hardware and software products andtechniques in professional audio.

Volume One starts with “Introduction to WiredMicrophones,” a section that investigates dynamic and condensermics, reading microphone specifications, and microphone and mikingtechniques. It also includes extensive and up-to-date coverage ofmicrophone accessories, processors, mixers, portable 2-track recorders,desktop/rack 2-track recorders, multitrack recorders, all-in-oneworkstations, power amplifiers, studio/in-ear monitors and headphones.A sound reinforcement/P.A. section reviews the latest in portable soundand speaker systems, loudspeakers and powered mixers. An overview onwireless microphones includes the information about wirelesstechnology, including handheld transmitters, bodypack transmitters,plug-in transmitters, lavalier microphones, receivers, true diversity,multiple system compatibility and frequency agility.

Volume Two is a 790-page compendium devoted to the latest incomputer audio hardware, hardware and software systems, stand-alonesoftware/plug-ins, MIDI equipment, DJ equipment and sample libraries.Also included are studio furniture and accessories, which includesacoustic treatment and construction materials, furniture, racks, standsand power conditioners. Also included are cases, patchbays, meters,distribution amps, converters, switchers, power supplies andcables.

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