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Colorado Studio Leaps from Analog to Digital

Rocky Mountain Recorders’ company-wide tech update wasn’t rocky at all.

Los Angeles, CA (November 29, 2018)—Rocky Mountain Recorders (RMR), which turns 30 next year, has made the leap into fully networked digital audio transport with the recent implementation of Focusrite’s RedNet range of Dante-enabled audio converters and interfaces.

The studio’s clientele runs the gamut from advertising media for agencies such as Karsh Hagan and the Integer Group, and their clients like Visit Denver and Starbucks; music production for artists including Rihanna, Snoop Dogg and Deborah De La Torre; ADR for film and TV shows, like Ferdinand and This Is Us; and corporate post-production for industrial giants like Lockheed Martin.

RMR’s complement of RedNet systems now includes three RedNet 5 Pro Tools HD bridges; four RedNet 2 16-Channel A-D/D-A interfaces; and one RedNet 1 eight-channel A-D/D-A interface. The RedNet units were purchased through Wind Over the Earth, of Longmont, CA.

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“We reached a point where we just had to move forward,” recalls Justin Davis, RMR’s senior audio engineer, who came aboard just as the facility was moving from its analog roots to DAW-based production and who did the new network’s system integration. He cites longstanding issues such as aging computers, older software versions, and pernicious ground-loop problems stemming from uneven power quality between the facility’s two buildings.

“Plus, all three studios were essentially isolated from each other, in terms of connectivity,” he adds. “If we had a large session that needed to use iso booths from different studios, we’d have to run [copper] snakes down the hallways to connect them. It was time to move forward.”

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Over the course of the last year, taking one studio at a time, RMR was able to implement a dedicated LAN onto which the assembled RedNet units act as the connection points between studios, replacing older, outdated equipment and in the process vastly improving RMR’s workflows and even, perhaps, its bottom line. “The RedNet systems made a huge difference immediately,” says Davis. “We are able to get preamps from one studio to another simply by connecting to the network. There are no more ground-loop issues at all, no wires in the hall, just RedNet and a few [internet] switches. Everything is now audio-over-IP.”

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