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Edirol Announces PCR-1 MIDI Controller/Audio Interface

Edirol recently announced the PCR-1, a new combo device that integrates a USB bus powered 24-bit/96kHz audio interface into a 25-key MIDI keyboard controller.

Edirol recently announced the PCR-1, a new combo device thatintegrates a USB bus-powered 24-bit/96kHz audio interface into a 25-keyMIDI keyboard controller.

The PCR-1 measures 1 and 3/16 inches thick, weighs less than threepounds and offers a wide variety of audio and MIDI features. The 25-keycontroller offers full 128-step velocity sensitivity and the samecontrol map support as its larger PCR siblings. Controls can beassigned to send any MIDI message. It offers 16 onboard memorylocations for saving control maps for software applications.

Audio features include stereo RCA input/outputs and a stereo miniheadphone connection, which doubles as an optical digital S/PDIFport.

Additionally, Edirol has devised a new technology known as“S.L.I.M.” (Short-stroke Low-profile Impact Mechanism),which allows a compact MIDI keyboard to maintain reasonableplayability.

The PCR-1 offers support for Mac and PC with WDM, ASIO and CoreAudiodrivers.

The new device lists for $370 and will be available in February2004.

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