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Fischer Session at Sphere Keeps Musicians Safe and Working

A small group of musicians gathered on October 29 for April and The Velvet Room Orchestra to record “Sabor A Mi.”

Grammy-winning Producer, Composer, Arranger Brent Fischer gathered a small group of musicians on October 29 at Sphere Studios for April and The Velvet Room Orchestra to record “Sabor A Mi.” The song’s producer, Kevin Flournoy, and artist attended.

Photo: Norberto Garcia and Claris Dodge

“We followed all safety protocols, I took my mask off only when conducting behind plexiglass so players could read my emotions, and everyone stayed healthy,” says Fischer, who has arranged for Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Eric Benet and D’Angelo among others, including many independent artists. “Attention to detail, whether it be verifying paperwork for payroll, writing idiomatically for each instrument or making sure everyone keeps their mask on and stays more than six feet from the next player in the section, really helps sessions go smoothly in all respects.” The studio cleared all attendees at the front door after their temperatures were taken. A gobo with a large clear window separated the conductor from the masked musicians.

Brent Fischer, who marks his 40th year this year as a proud AFM member of Local 47, states that “I know the musicians here in Los Angeles and get exactly what I want from them in the shortest amount of time. I have never gone overtime on a session due to careful preparation. My motto is: quality music, on time and within the budget,” adds Fischer.

Finally, Brent hopes that his keeping the work going safely during the pandemic will encourage others to do the same. “I was surprised to hear that my session was the first day back at work for some of the players. Doing orchestra sessions remotely, one player at a time, is a good solution for immune compromised musicians but for those in lower risk categories, nothing beats the sound of all those instruments playing together in one room, each instrument vibrating sympathetically from the numerous sound waves bouncing around. Please remember to take all precautions seriously when recording and together, we’ll get everyone back to work safely!” says Fischer.