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George Massenburg


There have been so many articles written about George, most of them about his achievements in the engineering world. But I want you to attach a person to that EQ: George makes a great cup of tea. He really loves the crossword puzzle in The New York Times. He can use the Heisenberg uncertainty principle to justify a panning decision. I have never seen him speed, though he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who wouldn’t. He understands more about teaching someone to teach themselves than anyone I have ever met. He is a wicked ping-pong player. He is one of the most thoughtful and caring parents in the world and there is nothing he would not do for his son. He really should have patented his parametric EQ and moving fader designs. If he was single again, he would be an awesome roommate; he never leaves dishes in the sink and always cleans up the bathroom after himself. He’s a real class act there.

And while he is one of the most profoundly loyal friends you could ever have, never — ever — let him order wine for you in Berlin.
Nathaniel Kunkel, engineer

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