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Gepco HBB Hybrid Fiber Breakout Box

Gepco will feature the portable HBB Hybrid Fiber Breakout Box and the HDR Hybrid Component Distribution Rack

Gepco will feature the portable HBB Hybrid Fiber Breakout Box andthe HDR Hybrid Component Distribution Rack, a single-space rack chassisfor breakout from hybrid fiber camera connectors to discrete electricaland fiber connectors, at NAB in booth #C1429.

With the HBB Hybrid Fiber Breakout Box, each Lemo SMPTE 304M hybridfiber connector breaks out to two ST connectors on a recessed,protective metal top plate. This allows for a quick and robustbreak-out to a standard format connector that can be interfaced withexisting single-mode fiber tie-lines. In addition, the HBB boxes can beordered with 3-pin XLR connectors.

The HDR Hybrid Component Distribution Rack system offers analternative to permanent installation of a high-definition camera toCCU infrastructure wiring. In the HDR rack system, each Lemo SMPTE 304Mconnector breaks to two ST connectors and a 5-pin metal AMP connector.At this junction, the camera interconnect is transmitted over separatesingle-mode distribution fiber and Gepco HDP221 series electricalcables to a second HDR rack. The second HDR rack in the system allowsfor the individual components to recombine back into Lemo SMPTE 304Mconnectors to interface with standard hybrid fiber camera cables.

Both the HBB rack and HDR boxes feature machine-polished ceramicferules and ceramic sleeves, allowing for superior optical alignmentand low loss, as well as replaceable fiber jumpers, eliminating theneed to replace connectors. In addition, each optical or hybridconnector has a metal dust cap with chain for protection from theelements.

Gepco will also introduce its 61801EZ single-pair audio cable, whichis now available in 20 different colors with a new riser-rated PVCjacket to allow for more color-coding options and improved flexibility.New jacket colors include lime green, tan, royal blue, plum and chrome,among others (for a total of 10 new color options).

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