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Glenn Schick Mastering Adds SADiE System

Glenn Schick Mastering, one of the Southeast’s digital and analog audio mastering facilities, has purchased and installed a SADiE DSD8multichannel digital

Glenn Schick Mastering, one of the Southeast’s digital andanalog audio mastering facilities, has purchased and installed a SADiEDSD8multichannel digital audio mastering system, adding to the studio’stwo existing SADiE ARTEMiS digital audio workstations. The system willbe installed in the mastering house’s new facility, currently in itsdesign phase and scheduled to launch next year.

“Going with the SADiE DSD8 was a natural progression for us,” saidGlenn Schick, president and chief mastering engineer of Glenn SchickMastering. “We were already using the SADiE ARTEMiS system, which weabsolutely love. They are simply the most pain-free digital audioworkstations ever made, and SADiE’s great tech support is anotherreason to stay with SADIE. With the addition of the DSD8, the range ofservices we can offer clients increases significantly.” Included inthese services is the ability to specifically master for the SACDformat. Glenn Schick Mastering hosted its first SACD mastering sessionover the summer for hip hop artist Ludacris. The new Ludacris 5.1 SACD—mixed by JeffGlixman and mastered with the SADiE DSD8, Dynaudio AIR system and PrismADA-8, among other new DSD technologies—will be released on DefJam South/Universal.

Pictured are hip hop artist Ludacris (left) and Glenn Schick.

“The DSD8 can let us work in a variety of audio formats, includingDVD-Audio when we interface it with the MLP encoder, as well asstraight Red Book CD audio,” Schick noted. “It’s that kind ofversatility and power that gives the DSD8 so much value. We’vebeen working with SADiE systems for a long time and we expect to do sofor a long time to come.”

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