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Incubus Kilmore Rolls The Dicer

New York (October 15, 2010)--Chris Kilmore, DJ for Incubus, recently purchased a Novation Dicer.

New York (October 15, 2010)–Chris Kilmore, DJ for Incubus, recently purchased a Novation Dicer.

With the band’s last six studio albums reaching multi-platinum sales, and a new album tentatively scheduled to drop in 2011, Kilmore has been using Dicer controllers both on and off stage to control the looping and cue point features in Serato Scratch Live, which he will use in the writing process for the forthcoming album.

“I was watching him last night with Dicer and they just make his job that much easier, which in turn gives him the ability to make changes quicker,” says the band?s technician Ted Whitacre. “The biggest benefit of performing live with Dicer is that they enable him to load tracks and navigate Serato without touching the laptop, which really helps when he’s playing piano and throwing turntable cues at the same time. But when he’s just freestyle DJ-ing, he’s even more limitless. I’d say the Dicers are about the most amazing new toy in the turntable realm since the emergence of DJ software.”