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Instrumentalist/Producer Rick Braun Purchases Blue Sky System

Instrumentalist and producer Rick Braun has purchased a Blue Sky 5.1 Sky System One monitoring system

Instrumentalist and producer Rick Braun has purchased a Blue Sky 5.1Sky System One monitoring system, which was installed in Braun’sLos Angeles-area home studio, where he is preparing to do remixes onseveral of his solo recording releases.

“I first encountered the Blue Sky monitors at [film scoringcomposer] Gary Chang’s personal studio, and I was told by severalmusicians that these were the monitors to get,” remarked Braun,whose work as a producer has led to Number One records for artistsDavid Benoit, Marc Antoine, Avenue Blue and Bryan Savage, has outfittedhis home studio facility with Cubase and Nuendo software systems and aYamaha DM2000 digital console. “What I needed was a greatsurround monitoring system so that, in preparation for remixing my ownrecords in 5.1, I could give myself an education in surround mixing bylistening to what other artists I respect have done with it. The BlueSky 5.1 system has really let me hear those recordings in a way that noother speaker system has ever done.”

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