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Katie Lee Debuts with Telefunken

Matty Amendola assembled a collection of Telefunken mics to record Katie Lee.

South Windsor, CT (July 30, 2015)—Producer, songwriter, record label founder and studio owner Matty Amendola assembled a diverse collection of Telefunken microphones for the debut album from Katie Lee (shown at right singing into the AK-47 MkII large diaphragm condenser tube microphone).

“The AK-47 tube mic and the M80 dynamic were the only vocal mics on the record,” commented Amendola, who works out of his 825 Records facility in Brooklyn. “I used the DD5 drum package on my kit, and I also used the AK-47 as a room mic for drums and piano, and on acoustic guitars.”

Besides handling all of the production, co-writing, and core instrumentation, Amendola brought in Grammy Award-winning engineer Butch Jones to assist in the mixing of the album; special guest Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne) to bring some power pop guitar; and Grammy Award-winning producer/singer Mark Hudson, for his classic, lush background vocals on the ballad “Same Mistakes.”

“Every day, I learned something new from Matty,” says Katie Lee. “He knows how to challenge me and push me to go where I didn’t even think I could go with a song. We’re a great team—I’m very lucky.”

Additionally, Amendola brought in Vinnie Zummo (session legend/Joe Jackson Band) and longtime friend and well-known Brooklyn musician, Andy Attanasio (Slim Kings). Amendola says, “It’s a true testament to Katie Lee’s talent and potential for these legends to want to work with an unknown artist on a debut album.”

Available now on 825 Records, “Don’t Go Away” features eight tracks written and recorded with producer Matty Amendola.

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