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Laura Turner Album Used Audio-Technica AT4060

Record producers David Huff and Kurt Howell relied on Audio-Technica's AT4060 vocal microphone for Laura Turner's upcoming debut album on Curb Records.

Record producers David Huff and Kurt Howell relied onAudio-Technica’s AT4060 vocal microphone for Laura Turner’s upcomingdebut album on Curb Records. The album was recorded at several studiosin Nashville and Dublin, Ireland, including Ocean Way, StillwaterStudios and Dobbs Palace. The effort was mastered by GeorgeMassenburg.

Shown from left: George Massenburg, Kurt Howell, David Huff, LauraTurner and Philip Cajka, Audio-Technica president and CEO, are picturedat A-T’s Summer NAMM 2003 booth. Photo: Corey Walthal.

“Laura has a tremendous voice with incredible dynamics and range,”said co-producer Huff. “She’s combining the worlds of pop and classicalmusic, and that’s a real challenge. She can go from a quiet whisper toa soaring chorus in the space of a moment, and that’s the kind of voicethat melts amplifiers.” Huff added that the A-T AT4060 mic was alsoused for background vocals and the cello parts.

At Howell’s Stillcreek Studios recording facility, the producerspositioned Turner approximately three to four inches from the AT4060and helped her subtly “work” the microphone. “She didn’t have to move alot, which helped her keep focused,” commented Huff. “Even just a fewinches was more than enough for the AT4060 to interpret her dynamics.It’s a very sensitive but forgiving microphone. It’s great at catchingthe nuances of the music, but at the same time, it’s not overwhelmed bythe power of her voice. On some of the vintage microphones we used,there would be points where her power would bring out a certainunmusical midrange aspect to the sound. But the AT4060 was musicalacross the frequency spectrum. I’ve used the AT4060 on all types ofmusic: pop, rock, country, urban and now classical. It’s become themicrophone I reach for first on any project.”

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