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LOUD Technologies, Universal Audio Announce New Distribution Strategy

Recently announced, Universal Audio is now marketing and distributing future versions of LOUD Technologies' UAD-1 DSP card and Powered Plug-Ins bundle.

Recently announced, Universal Audio is now marketing and distributing future versions of LOUD Technologies’ UAD-1 DSP card and Powered Plug-Ins bundle. Since January 2002, the UAD-1 card has been distributed by LOUD Technologies as a Mackie-branded product.

“This is not the end of our relationship with Mackie,” stated Matt Ward, president of Universal Audio. “Mackie’s efforts in marketing the UAD-1 have helped to establish the Universal Audio brand throughout the world. This relationship has been a part of Universal Audio’s growth as a company. We are now able to assume marketing and distribution efforts for the UAD-1 while continuing to pursue new cooperative ventures with Mackie.”

As part of this transition, Mackie will continue to sell the existing Mackie UAD-1 card and Powered Plug-Ins bundle until remaining inventory is depleted in early 2004. In addition, Universal Audio’s after-market plug-ins, including the forthcoming Fairchild compressor, will be fully compatible with the Mackie UAD-1 card. On January 1, 2004, Universal Audio will assume all sales of after-market plug-ins from Mackie and will also assume technical support responsibilities for the Mackie UAD-1 card.

“The current Mackie UAD-1 card remains an exceptional value and a great way to take advantage of classic processors like the LA-2A and 1176LN,” commented Ken Berger, senior VP of marketing and product development at LOUD Technologies. “We are very proud of our relationship with Universal Audio and are confident that Mackie UAD-1 customers will benefit from their ongoing support and development for the platform.”

In other Universal Audio news, the company will unveil a new UAD-1 package, called the UAD-1 Studio Pack, at the upcoming NAMM show (January 15-18, 2004). The UAD-1 Studio Pak includes the existing plug-in bundle available in the Mackie UAD-1 with the addition of Dreamverb, Cambridge and Fairchild 670 plug-ins.

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