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Mara Returns to 1979 with ATR

Nashville, TN (January 21, 2011)--Chris Mara has opened Welcome to 1979, an all-analog recording studio that uses ATR Magnetics' Studio mastering tape.

Nashville, TN (January 21, 2011)–Chris Mara has opened Welcome to 1979, an all-analog recording studio that uses ATR Magnetics’ Studio mastering tape.

Welcome to 1979, a retro, all-analog recording studio that strives to cater to the independent and budget-minded artists, producers and engineers, comprises a unique vintage recording environment of over 6,000 sq. ft. and is based around a restored and upgraded 1978 MCI 28-input console.

Tracking is via an MCI JH-24 analog 2-inch multitrack tape machine typically run at 30 ips with no noise reduction. Additionally, 2-inch, 16-track and 1-inch, 8-track headstacks are available to beef up the sound. Projects are mixed to several 1/4-inch machines, which also provide tape delay effects. ATR Magnetics Studio mastering tape supplied by local distributor, NTS Pro Media, is the choice of tape.

Owner Chris Mara explains, “I like the ATR tape; it is very forgiving if I push the levels and it handles extremely well, running cleanly on our tape machines.”

Mara comments that the clients like the analog workflow with no computer screens, and despite Pro Tools being available, many projects are tracked and mixed entirely on analog tape. This workflow keeps projects focused and on budget, according to Mara.

The studio also offers an “Analog Anywhere” service, whereby clients FTP digital stereo mixes to get “warmed up.” These mixes hit 1/4-inch tape, pass through the console and are then emailed back to the client for mastering. Clients who have used this service include Dave Matthews.

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