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Metric Halo Adds +DSP to Mobile I/O 2882

Metric Halo's Mobile I/O 2882+DSP is a portable, one-rackspace, 18-in/20-out audio mixing and routing interface with built-in digital signal processing

Metric Halo’s Mobile I/O 2882+DSP is a portable, one-rackspace,18-in/20-out audio mixing and routing interface with built-in digitalsignal processing that can be powered entirely from a Mac FireWire bus.The newly released +DSP environment introduces an onboard processingchip that offers users access to Metric Halo’s signal processingeffects without sacrificing computer processing power.

The high-resolution DSP is connected directly to the converters andI/O, features automatic processing delay compensation and ultralowsignal processing latency, and offers dynamic and instant instantiationof plug-ins. Flexible signal routing and sophisticated patch andpreset-management systems round out the features.

Mobile I/O 2882+DSP ships bundled with a variety of Metric Halo’splug-ins, including MIOComp, MIOLimit, MIOEQ-6, MIOEQ-12, MIO M/SProcessor and MIOStrip. Compatible with both Mac OS 9 and X, theplug-ins are now shipping with all Mobile I/O +DSP models.

Mobile I/O 2882 provides eight analog inputs, including eight micpre’s, as well as line and instrument inputs. The mic pre’sfeature individually switchable phantom power. The comprehensivesimultaneous I/O also includes eight channels of ADAT digital I/O, with24-bit/96kHz converters, two channels of AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital I/O,word clock I/O and 24/96 headphone output with front panel mute anddim. The interface may be powered directly from the FireWire bus,battery or wall outlet. A switchable high-power mode provides expandedoutput headroom when powered from an AC outlet.

For studio recording, the Mobile I/O 2882+DSP provides ahigh-quality interface to a DAW, offering sound processing or simplefile transfer between workstations. In the broadcast domain, the MobileI/O 2882+DSP offers instant playback of up to eight channels per box,allowing instant playback of four individual stereo sends for musiccues or sound effects. In the live performance arena, in addition tooperating as a remote recorder for archiving performances or to playout backing tracks and musical cues, Mobile I/O 2882+DSP can operate asa soft synth mixer and I/O interface, as well as a tool for multizoneanalysis and system venue tuning with SpectraFoo.

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