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Berklee Adds AI to Online Teaching Tools has partnered with Berklee Online to provide production and analysis tools to students.

Boston, MA (April 26, 2023)— has partnered with Berklee Online, the online extension of Berklee College of Music, to provide production and analysis tools to students.’s technology works alongside users to remove or isolate vocals and instruments in songs, transcribe lyrics, adjust the speed of a song or change the pitch, detect keys or chords, and enable metronome counts. As a popular use-case, artists can separate vocals, drums, bass and other instruments from a song and play along.

Berklee Online professors will be able to integrate a unique widget featuring’s advanced AI Music Player directly into their online classes, allowing students to access the technology. In addition, will be offering its services at discounted rates to Berklee Online’s student body.

Inside Power Station at BerkleeNYC

“Partnering with Berklee Online is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase how complementary AI technology can assist the next generation of musicians,” said’s CEO Geraldo Ramos. “AI technology is finding its way into the lives of musicians all over the world. Our ability to partner with such a prestigious institution to enable students to learn and leverage new tech capabilities is a true honor for the Moises team.”

Daniel Morris, a bass professor at Berklee College of Music, has been working with the product team, providing insights and suggestions that have contributed to the platform’s evolution. As part of educational partnerships, the team also listens to feedback from students and faculty, and offers support when needed to evolve the platform to fit the changing needs of users.