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Musikmesse: BIAS Launches “Spark to Peak” Spring Promotion

BIAS Inc. announced at Musikmesse that Peak 4.1 (currently shipping) is now offered at a discount to users of TC Works and TC Electronic's Spark and Spark

BIAS Inc. announced at Musikmesse that Peak 4.1 (currently shipping)is now offered at a discount to users of TC Works and TC Electronic’sSpark and Spark XL audio software, available until June 31, 2004, for$299, a $200 discount.

“As we have now discontinued further development of Spark,we’re pleased that BIAS is offering special pricing on Peak for ourcustomers,” said Uffe Kjems Hansen, VP of product development for TCElectronic. “Since the PowerCore platform is fully compatible with Peak4.1, we’re able to offer support for the Peak community and ourhardware-based software plug-ins.”

“We have tremendous respect for TC Electronic and their excellenthardware and software products and staff. This is why we have neveroffered a ‘competitive upgrade’ in the past,” said JasonDavies, VP worldwide sales for BIAS. “We respect their customers and itis with this in mind that we now offer our solution at a discount. As aresponse to many direct requests from Spark customers, we’re pleased tooffer this special promotion. Welcome to Peak!”

Peak 4.1 offers MP and multithreaded processing, a flexible andstreamlined brushed-metal interface, support for VST and AudioUnitsplug-ins, and powerful new processing tools including ImpulseVerb,Sqweez Harmonic Rotate and more. It also includes Roxio’s Jam 6 Mac OSX and SFX Machine LT, a limited edition of the multi-effects sounddesign plug-in.

TC Electronic’s PowerCore is the open-platform DSP engine forprofessional signal processing for Mac and PC. Its processing powerseamlessly integrates with any AudioUnits- or VST-compatible hostapplication, including Peak 4.1. PowerCore includes a multitude of TCplug-ins out of the box; optional plug-ins are available from TCElectronic and a growing number of third-party developers such as SonyOxford, TC-Helicon, Access, Novation, Waldorf and D-Sound. PowerCore isavailable as a PCI card or external FireWire unit.

To qualify, customers of Spark and Spark XL must send in the coverof their user/installation guide and serial number. (Instructions areincluded with the Peak 4.1 cross-grade package.) Only Spark and SparkXL customers qualify (users of Spark ME, LE, Plus and other non-XL orfull Spark editions are ineligible.

For additional information, visit the BIAS Website at

In other BIAS news, its SoundSoap Pro, a high-end audio restorationplug-in for Mac OS X and Windows XP, is now in final beta testing andis being prepared for release.

“We’ve had enormous interest in SoundSoap Pro since our initialunveiling at AES and are excited to soon bring this amazing restorationtool to market.” said BIAS’ Davies. “Customers have been waitingfor a professional restoration solution in the $599 U.S. price pointand we’re pleased to be offering it soon. Our unique integratedapproach, state-of-the-art algorithmic technology and broad hostcompatibility make SoundSoap Pro an irresistible solution for those inneed of professional results for nearly half the price of competingproducts.”

SoundSoap Pro uses a unique integrated interface that allows theuser to access any tool from a single plug-in window. Tool navigationtabs are labeled “Hum & Rumble,” “Click & Crackle,” “Broadband”and “Noise Gate.” The tabs provide parameter feedback, allowing theuser to monitor the primary tool settings globally, regardless of whichtool is currently selected.

SoundSoap Pro’s approach to multiband noise reduction focuses onspeed, usability and performance. It groups 512 bands into 12 discretethreshold and reduction sliders, which can be easily grouped with aLock button, and 12 level meters assist in threshold adjustments. Whenused with SoundSoap Pro’s additional attack, release and tilt controls,tough broadband noise can be easily and dramatically reduced, whileminimizing the chance of any inadvertent artifacts.

SoundSoap Pro’s tool area features a global real-time spectrogram,providing constant visual monitoring of spectral noise that may be inneed of treatment. With its color codes, the spectrogram allows usersto discern problem areas and make relevant tool adjustments, and userscan easily hear the noise they are reducing by selecting “Noise Only.”The Noise Only button allows the user to hear on a global level onlywhat is being removed.

SoundSoap Pro is designed for plug-in hosts, including Peak 4(VST/AudioUnits), Pro Tools (RTAS), Logic Audio/Digital Performer(AudioUnits), Nuendo/Cubase SX/Wavelab (VST), Sonar (DirectX) and manyother compatible hosts.

BIAS SoundSoap Pro will be available soon for a SRP of $599.SoundSoap users will be offered an upgrade path to SoundSoap Pro whenit is available. Additional information can be found at