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New Look, New Packages From mSoft

Woodland Hills, Calif.-based mSoft demonstrated its new MusicCue 3.1 and ServerSound 3.1 asset-management systems at AES 2003. The new systems feature

Woodland Hills, Calif.-based mSoft demonstrated its new MusicCue 3.1 and ServerSound 3.1 asset-management systems at AES 2003. The new systems feature improved look, feel and search abilities. The new versions also offer multiple database support, improved user-permission administration, unlimited project lists and more.

“There new versions of our most popular asset-management systems are real improvements on industry-leading applications,” said Doug Perkins, VP of sales and marketing at mSoft.

mSoft also showed its new server/sound package called ServerSoundStorm. Based on the latest MusicCue system, ServerSoundStorm includes a compact search/retrieval system, plus 30,000 SFX from SoundStorm and 50 hours of quality production music from Audio Network.

In other company news, Universal’s trailer department, which creates movie and television show previews for the entertainment company, has taken delivery of a 3TB mSoft MusicCue server. The digital asset-management system includes a full range of sound effects and production music and provides Universal an easy way to digitize its own popular and soundtrack CDs.

In addition to providing immediate access to hundreds of hours of SFX and production-quality music, the new system with mSoft’s automated interface allows Universal to rip its own music to MusicCue. Universal’s engineers are pleased with the ability to access CD tracking and publishing information for popular music libraries via the mSoft server. MusicCue automatically integrates metadata for this proprietary audio, resulting in quality and useful search results for all engineers on the server.

Universal uses a wide range of workstations, including Pro Tools and NT and Mac Avids. MusicCue allows engineers working on any of these workstations to access their pop and soundtrack music, as well as production music from Killer Tracks, Extreme, X-Ray Dog, MasterSource, NonStop Music and others. Universal already added a comprehensive SFX package with audio from Sound Ideas and Hollywood Edge, as well as mSoft’s new SoundStorm SFX package.

Speaking of Killer Tracks, mSoft and Killer Tracks have teamed up to provide NBC’s new show Joe Average simple access to top-quality production music via a mSoft digital asset-management system. Although Killer Tracks has made its audio content available on mSoft’s servers for several years, this is the first time that the music production company has offered its content exclusively via hard drives rather than on CD.

“We’re proud that Killer Tracks chose mSoft to help deliver their quality music,” said Perkins of mSoft. “This is the way of the future, with content being delivered on hard drives without CDs at all.”

Dubbed Killer Server, the new system is based on mSoft’s MusicCue and gives engineers simplified access to Killer Tracks’ production music. NBC, which is the first to install the system, will use it to control 800 GB of music over its Avid Unity network.

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