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NHK Sapporo Installs SSL C200 Board

NHK Sapporo has become the latest facility in Japan to install Solid State Logic’s new C100 Digital Broadcast Console.

NHK Sapporo has become the latest facility in Japan to install SolidState Logic’s new C100 Digital Broadcast Console. The studio’s32-channel console replaces an old analog desk at thebroadcaster’s largest T-1 facility in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Itfeatures 3-channel DSP cards (96 channels), 48 mic inputs, 96-channelanalog line in/outs and 128 channels of digital in/out.

With digital terrestrial broadcast due to start in Japan this month,NHK Sapporo said that the C100 console will prove highly efficient forthis application, as well as for surround productions. The broadcasterhas already been using its new desk to produce a daily magazineprogram, which is broadcast live to air every weekday, and to producetwo documentary programs and special programs such as general electioncoverage.

Tetsuo Ueno, chief engineer at NHK Sapporo, said, “The size ofthe console was a major consideration for us. The T-1 Sub control roomis not large and after looking at a number of different desks, we chosethe C100 because its 32-channel frame fitted so well into this verylimited space. We also saved space in the machine room by installingSSL’s new Centuri Core processor.” Ueno added that NHKSapporo was also impressed by the C100’s ability to offer96-channel mixing, its cost-effectiveness and the fact that, at only1.5KVA, it is very economical to run. “The C100 offers a numberof advantages, not least that we can graphically see both dynamics andequalization. It is very flexible and easy to operate and, because ithas a flexible signal router, our engineers don’t need to patch regularprograms, thus saving an enormous amount of time. Another advantage isthe C100’s ability to mix mono, stereo, surround and down mixes.We particularly like the fact that we can control 5.1 material in bothdirections using either a single fader or a spread of sixfaders.”

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