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Norris Nabs Sankens for Sequels

Sanken mics capture latest Will Smith feature.

Atlanta, GA (February 25, 2019)—Atlanta-based production sound mixer Whit Norris, CAS, who has an impressive list of feature film credits, recently purchased three Sanken CS-M1 short shotgun microphones for his location work from local dealer Trew Audio.

“I’m known for working on movies that have numbers after them—Anchorman 2, Hangover 3, Fast 7 and so on,” Norris says jokingly. “And now we are just getting started on Bad Boys 3, officially titled Bad Boys for Life, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.”

With Sanken’s new CS-M1, says Norris, “we are able to get dialogue on wide shots without going to wired mics. And because the CS-M1 has more reach, we can do wider shots, especially on interior sets.” Norris first heard about the CS-M1 from Jim Pace at Sanken US distributor plus24.

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Explaining why he has multiple Sanken CS-M1 shotguns, he says, “My Sankens are pretty much exclusively mounted on boom poles, and if we have to use two booms, you want two matching microphones. The mic is very versatile and it’s so small, it’s even easy to hide if you want to use it as a plant mic.”

He continues, “Doug Cameron, who is the boom operator, loves this new Sanken. It’s got great pickup, and any time you have a smaller microphone, you can get it in under lower clearance, under lower ceilings, while staying out of the shot. And, the other thing I’m most impressed with about the mic is what I refer to as the pole or the reach. Its pattern is just incredible.”

Norris is generous with praise for his production team, which includes utility sound tech Alana Knutson as well as Cameron. “I have to give them all a lot of credit. Doug runs the set—he’s the guy out there in the middle of things. And Alana takes care of the actors and the wiring and backup boom, and also all the paperwork that’s handled through the sound department as far as ordering supplies, time cards and that type of thing. They are the ones that make me successful.”

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