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Clear-Com Eclipse EHX Digital Matrix V13.1 Ships

Clear-Com has released EHX 13.1, its latest configuration software for the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix.


Clear-Com Eclipse HX Digital Matrix V13.1
Clear-Com Eclipse EHX Digital Matrix V13.1.

Alameda, CA (November 2, 2023)—Clear-Com has released EHX 13.1, its latest configuration software for the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix. EHX Version 13.1 provides various role management advancements in an effort to streamline the configuration process and improve the user experience. The update also adds compatibility with NMOS4 and NMOS5 standards, ensuring interoperability and discovery across networks, as well as support for Clear-Com’s 2X10 Touch Desktop Panel.

EHX 13.1 introduces role-based logins, streamlining configuration and allowing users to move from device to device without missing a beat. System administrators can set a single key to contact a user regardless of the device they are logged on, saving the effort of having to configure several keys in the instance that a user moves between several devices during a production. Additionally, the user experience is improved with a simplified login to whichever endpoint device is closest at hand, with keys that autofill their specific configuration, allowing a “follow-me” operation.

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In other changes to the software, Clear-Com continues development around the ST2110-30 standard as NMOS (Networked Media Open Specification) IS-04 and IS-05 are being added to EHX 13.1. IS-04 relates to the Discovery and Registration of devices on a network and IS-05 handles the device connection and management. The addition of these specifications will reportedly speed setting up an audio network of IP capable devices.

EHX 13.1 additionally supports the new 2X10 Touch Desktop Panel, a 20-key, IP-based panel that provides a compact desktop option for users of Eclipse HX.