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Now Available: New-Generation KRK Near-Fields

With the introduction of ST8 and ST6 near-field models, KRK introduces the next generation of industry-standard project studio monitors.

With the introduction of ST8 and ST6 near-field models, KRKintroduces the next generation of industry-standard project studiomonitors.

Featuring an all-new aluminum woofer and 1-inch silk tweeter, the STSeries offers smooth response and high power handling, limiting theoccurance of ear fatigue. Standard magnetic shielding simplifiesplacement in virtually any studio environment. The ST Series alsofeatures 7/8-inch MDF construction to control sound reflection andstanding waves within the monitor, while its double-layeranodized-aluminum cones offers low distortion. Carefully molded wooferbeauty rings improve midrange frequencies, while advanced dual-porttube designs create improved air flow for rich, solid bassresponse.

KRK national sales and marketing manager Richard Ruse commentedthat, “The ST Series was designed with a very linear response.They may not appear to have the boom and sizzle of the K-ROK or Rokit,but they certainly exhibit the natural, honest frequency response oftheir passive forefathers: the 6,000, 7,000, 9,000 and 13,000. The STSeries are at home in practically any environment—from the mostaustere portastudio to the meter bridges of the most sophisticatedstudios in the world.”

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