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Now Shipping: M-Audio ProSessions Sound and Loop Libraries

M-Audio announced shipment of three new ProSessions Sound and Loop Libraries, including Volume 20

M-Audio announced shipment of three new ProSessions Sound and LoopLibraries, including Volume 20—Ambient Alchemy (pictured), Volume21—Skillz 2 Pay the Billz and Volume 22—Sounds of UnseenWorlds (MSRP: $49.95/each). Each disc contains loops in REX2, .WAV,.AIFF and Acidized .WAV formats. Loops can be stretched over a typicalrange of 80 to 160 bpm.

Ambient Alchemy offers futuristic transmissions from BlueTech andShakatura, including subterranean bass wobbles, digital glitchery,ascendant arps and percolating percussion. Skillz 2 Pay the Billz, thefirst volume from this series, was written and produced by CarlosVasquez of Digital Assasins and Compüfonic, Sounds of UnseenWorlds brings together atmospheric signals from plants, rocks, fungi,short-wave radio and bat radar, and is expanded by an Eventide OrvilleHarmonizer. The sounds were captured via proprietary biosensors bysonic artist Duncan Laurie and tweaked into loops by DJ Sherlock.

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