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L-Acoustics’ SOUNDVISION is an acoustical simulation program designed for the installation of the company’s Wavefront Sculpture Technology®

L-Acoustics’ SOUNDVISION is an acoustical simulation programdesigned for the installation of the company’s WavefrontSculpture Technology® (V-DOSC®, dV-DOSC® and ARCS®)and Coaxial Point Source Technology (XT and MTD) loudspeakers.

The company’s first 3-D sound design program is capable ofoperating in real time. Designed with a convenient, intuitive graphicaluser interface, SOUNDVISION allows for the calculation of soundpressure levels (SPL) and coverage mapping for complex sound system orvenue configurations.

Room geometry and loudspeaker locations are defined in 3-D, andsimplified operating modes permit the user to work in 2-D to rapidlyenter data. According to user preference, either horizontal (plan) orvertical (cut) views can be selected to enter room coordinates or todefine loudspeaker placement/aiming. SPL and coverage mapping are thenbased on direct sound calculations over the defined audience geometrywhere each loudspeaker model is calibrated based on a reference userpreset.

Designed for Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, SOUNDVISION features auser-friendly interface with multiple toolboxes that allow forconvenient entry of room and loudspeaker data while at the same timedisplaying coverage or mapping results along with 2D Cutview, Targetand Source Cutview information; all toolboxes can be displayedsimultaneously.

Using sophisticated modeling algorithms, SOUNDVISION offers severallevels of technical support for users of its products. Due to its speedand ease-of-use, Coverage mode is suited to the needs of touring soundengineers and touring sound companies. More detailed information isavailable in Mapping mode, providing a tool for the audio consultant orsound designer. For the installer, the physical properties provided inMechanical Data mode provide useful practical information for fixedinstallation applications.

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