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October 1, 2005

October 1, 2005


The Audio Pipeline

The Resolution Project


Taking (DAW) Control

Finding Order in Chaos

What’s the Holdup?

Producers Take on OS X

Audio Gains In Videogames

Mediasound Studios


Technology Spotlight: Solid State Logic C300 Digital Console

Technology Spotlight: Dolby Media Producer

Technology Spotlight: Shure UHF-R Wireless System

Field Test: Ableton Live 5 Performance-Oriented DAW

Field Test: DPA 4006-TL Microphone

Field Test: Waves APA32 Audio Processing Accelerator

Field Test: DTS Pro Series Surround Encoder

Field Test: SPL MixDream Summing System

Snapshot Product Reviews

Sound for Picture

Jingle Rebound

Track Transformations

Live Mix

A Sound Design Triumvirate

Rascal Flatts

Mark Knopfler

San Francisco Hosts Chet Helms Memorial Show


On the Road

Now Playing

Meyer Takes Patent for MAPP Online

Texicans Muy Caliente

Recording Notes

Remarkable Restorations

Talking Heads in 5.1

Dead Kennedys’ “California Uber Alles”

Coast to Coast

L.A. Grapevine

Nashville Skyline

New York Metro

Hydrogyn Rocks It

Houston Hotspot

The Junior Senior Mix

Cutting Loose

In Search of a New Atmosphere

Track Sheet

Insider Audio

To Preserve and Protect

Mix Interview

TEC Hall of Fame Honoree Arif Mardin

Andy Wallace

Project Studio

Magneto Studios

Tech’s Files

Bedside Manners

From the Editor

Power…At a Price


Letters to Mix

Current/Industry News

Welcome to AES!

Bob Moog, 1934-2005

Emerald Sold Again

Web-Based Recording for All

Sadler Names New Owner, President

Industry Reacts to Hurricane Katrina

CRAS Recognized By ACCSCT

A Star is Born

E-mu Whips Up Sample Library

Industry News

Pilkin Finds Redemption With Storyk

Future Disc Takes Home DVD Award


Twentieth Century Fox Joins Blu-ray

On the Cover

The Oven Studios


Apogee Electronics at 20

Fairlight at 30

Dolby Laboratories at 40

Ampex Sel-Sync, 1955

Innovation and Integrity

Grumpmeier Calls Tech Support