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One-Stop Audio Shop


New York City — based Avatar Studios has opened its Kevorkian mastering facility with mastering engineer Fred Kevorkian (Ryan Adams, the White Stripes, Iggy Pop, Dave Matthews Band, etc.) onboard. Located on the third floor, the new facility offers Avatar clients the option of tracking, mixing and mastering their projects under one roof.

The 300-square-foot room was constructed from a design originally conceived by Sam Berkow of SIA Acoustics and further enhanced and refined by Roy Hendrickson, Avatar’s chief engineer. Membrane absorbers were incorporated into the walls of the room, and RPG Skyline diffusors are used on the rear and side walls of the room. Randy Merrill, from Avatar’s technical staff, worked with Kevorkian to acoustically fine-tune the room and helped put the finishing touches to the equipment install (Muth transfer console, Sontec EQ, and Weiss and Z Systems processing units).

Kevorkian Mastering is available now for bookings. For more information, please contact Kevorkian at 917/406-9147.