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Music Production

Paranormal Records Turns to Mackie Monitors

Malaysian hit house Paranormal Records upgrades to XR-series monitors.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 17, 2018)—John Jeevasingham, music director for Paranormal Records in Malaysia, recently updated the label’s studios with Mackie’s new XR-series powered monitors.

Part of Paranormal since 2015, Jeevasingham has been arranging, recording, producing and mixing music for Paranormal artists, whether playing guitar, piano, organ, bass or drums, or mixing the results.

“I use a pair of Mackie XR824 8-inch monitors at Paranormal Studios, and I have XR624 6.5-inch monitors in my home studio,” he says. “It was really easy to adapt to the XRs; it took about a week to settle in with them. As much as I like the MR6mk3s, I’ve noticed even more clarity overall. The move from the 6.5-inch MR6mk3s to the 8-inch XR824s especially revealed a lot of detail in the lows and subs that made dialing in a lot more instinctive. My car tests are more consistent, which is a good sign.”

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Although he does his critical listening on XR-series monitors, Jeevasingham puts together rough mixes on a pair of Mackie CR3 3-inch multimedia monitors, as well. “The CR3s are a great companion to the XR,” he notes. “I use the CR3 to craft rough balances that will translate well to commercial systems that most people will be listening on and then use the XRs to zoom in on the details and finish the mix.”

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Keeping tabs on the dual monitoring system in Paranormal Studios is a Mackie Big Knob Passive 2×2 monitor controller. He explains, “I’m always switching back and forth between the CR3 and XR824 speakers, hitting the Dim switch to force myself to mix at lower levels because it’s way more accurate, checking my mix in mono with the Mono switch, and patching collaborators into my rig with an aux cable into Input B. The Big Knob Passive is a super useful and transparent tool that makes my work really easy and fast.”

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