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Pioneer Electronics Announced New DVJ-X1

Pioneer Electronics announced its new DVJ-X1 digital audio and video turntable

Pioneer Electronics announced its new DVJ-X1 digital audio and videoturntable, which allows users to manipulate and playback synchronizeddigital audio and video.

DJs will be able to use Pioneer’s new unit to manipulate DVD visualsin the same way as they would music. So real-time digital videoscratches, loops and instant cues are all possible with the DVJ-X1,while the video and audio streams stay in sync, even when they’re beingreversed and pitched. The DVJ-X1 brings together existing A/Vtechnologies into a single unit that interfaces with currentlyavailable software and hardware.

The DVJ-X1 offers onboard memory capacity and a SD Card slot similarto the CDJ-1000MK2 for flexibility in performance. This allows for A/Vloops and cue points to be stored either onboard or on a removablememory card. A memory card that is bundled with the DVJ-X1 can store upto 500 loop or cue points. During playback, the saved cue and looppoints can be searched, selected and previewed using an externalpreview monitor. An emergency loop automatically loops four beatsseamlessly. Pioneer will offer a video switcher to interface with theFader Start function of many professional audio mixers.

The DVJ-X1 will be available in spring 2004. For more information,visit