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Porcupine Studios Brings in George Benson

Porcupine Studios (Chandler, Ariz., recently hosted George Benson, who worked with producer Paul Brown on guitars and vocals on his upcoming CD;

Porcupine Studios (Chandler, Ariz., recently hosted GeorgeBenson, who worked with producer Paul Brown on guitars and vocals onhis upcoming CD; Brown manned an Otari Status 80-input console andraided the studio’s 80-plus mic closet. Co-owner John Wroble has beenbusy working on the third season of Comedy Central’s hit seriesCrank Yankers, various audio and video projects with JohnnyDepp, Esteban’s live DVD recording, and various projects for GIAPublications and Metal Blade Records.

The studio’s birth was, ironically, caused by an economic downturn.Wroble’s field engineer day job at AT&T ended when he was laid offin 1994, allowing him to invest his time and energy — and money— to expand his project studio into a 1,400-square-foot recordingspace. Soon after, Wroble met future co-owner Jeff Harris while bothwere doing a remote recording for the Arizona Music Awards; soon after,Harris was also laid off. The two began doing session work and withnumerous projects coming in, Wroble and Harris moved to a largerlocation that now houses three studios and a video edit bay.

Harris’ past gigs include engineering at The Village Recorder (LosAngeles) for 15 years, where he worked on Supertramp’s Breakfast inAmerica and Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk.

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