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Rane DEQ 60L

Rane’s DEQ 60L Stereo 1/3-Octave Digital Graphic Equalizer is the long-throw (45mm) fader version

Rane’s DEQ 60L Stereo 1/3-Octave Digital Graphic Equalizer isthe long-throw (45mm) fader version of the 1/3-octave graphic equalizer(model DEQ 60) introduced by Rane earlier this year. The digital signalpath uses advanced DSP algorithms so that the output magnitude responsecorresponds to the front panel settings.

Extensive development resulted in this new patented technologytrademarked “Perfect-Q.” The name comes from the fact thatthe DSP calculates the perfect Q required to create the exact responsedictated by the front panel slider positions. Advantages of thePerfect-Q design include crucial subtle refinements of frequencyresponse, allowing for an unequaled ease of operation and clarity ofsound reproduction. Changing a 1/3-octave setting changes only thatsetting.

In addition to the 30-band EQ with slider controls and soft-touchknobs, each channel includes full-cut Accelerated Slope™ 3-bandtone controls, separate sweepable low-cut and high-cut filters,individual input and output level controls with LED meters for each,range switches and bypass switches (fail-safe relay). For those whooccasionally require wide control, there is a switch to select betweenPerfect-Q or Proportional-Q response.

Also featured is the ability to slave one channel to the other oruse as an A-curve/B-curve comparison or as two “analogmemories.” The new “L” version features a newcut-only mode. Analog balanced inputs and outputs offer connectorchoices of XLR, 1/4-inch TRS or Euro-style 3-pin connectors. The powersupply is internal and universal with a standard IEC line cordconnector.

The suggested retail price of the DEQ 60L is $1,099.

For more information, visit or stop by booth #6958,Hall A. For more new sound reinforcement products, visit