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Soundcraft Rolls Out MH3

British console manufacturer Soundcraft has launched the second in its new range of multipurpose live performance mixers, the MH3. The desk's design follows

British console manufacturer Soundcraft has launched the second inits new range of multipurpose live performance mixers, the MH3. Thedesk’s design follows that of Soundcraft’s MH4 and brings the benefitsof dual-mode operation to a lower price point.

Available in 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 mono channel-frame sizes, allwith an additional four stereo channels as standard, the MH3 featureseight groups, 12 auxiliary buses, the same new mic amp and EQ designsas the MH4, eight VCA and eight mute groups with snapshot automation,true LCR panning and outputs, and an integral 12×4 matrix.

The mode in use is determined by the output controls; there are adozen fader-controlled outputs and eight rotary-controlled outputs. InFOH mode (groups under fader control), there are 12 mono auxes, four ofwhich can be paired as two stereo sends, and eight individuallyassignable group buses, which have the ability to be panned over pairsof groups. Groups 1 through 8 are under fader control (as are auxes 9through 12), with a auxes 1 through 8 under rotary control. In Monitormode (assignable for each output from 1 through 8), all 12 auxes becomemonitor sends under fader control, with the group buses available onrotary controls.

Each output section also features a stereo FX return with 3-band EQ,with routing to the main mix outputs or to whichever signal is underfader control. For example, a stereo reverb FX can be applied to astereo in-ear monitor feed. Alternatively, the EQ can be switched intothe output fader path where it can be used to provide additionalsweetening on in-ear feeds or subgroups.

The integral matrix has four outputs with input feeds coming fromthe eight group buses; L, R and C mix outputs; and an external lineinput. The matrix can be expanded to 12×8 by using an optional module,which also has four mono inputs and would replace an eight-way monoinput section. Each mono input module features 4-band EQ with twoparametric mid sections and swept high and low sections.

Preliminary U.S. retail pricing on the line is: 24 mono + 4 stereochannels, $15,495; 32 mono + 4 stereo channels, $18,495; 40 mono + 4stereo channels, $21,495; 48 mono + 4 stereo channels, $24,495; and 56mono + 4 stereo channels, $28,995.

“The success of the MH4 has shown that people really want thismulti-mode flexibility, and by bringing out the MH3, we are offeringthat flexibility to a wider section of the market,” said Soundcraftproduct manager Andy Brown.

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