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TerraTec Producer Now Shipping SINE SLM Series

TerraTec Producer is now shipping the SINE line’s second offering: a trio of stereo line mixers.

TerraTec Producer is now shipping the SINE line’s secondoffering: a trio of stereo line mixers. Housed in compact enclosures,the three new rack mixers cater to keyboardists seeking to premix theirinstruments onstage, guitarists who want to mix their effectors andrecordists looking for an ancillary mixer to lighten their main mixingconsole’s load.

The19-inch mixers offer a signal-to-noise ratio of >97 dB andfrequency response ranging from 20 to 20k Hz, ensuring incoming signalsare routed through with no signal loss. The SLM 82 sports eight inputchannels (or four stereo pairs), a master volume control and a balanceknob for each channel’s pair of inputs. In addition, the SLE 82(pictured) offers an effects loop with a stereo return whose level maybe adjusted for each channel using a rotary knob. The SINE SLM 162offers eight stereo channels with a total of 16 inputs and twooutputs.

Now available, the mixers have an MSRP of $129 (SINE SLM 82), $159(SINE SLE 82) and $189 (SINE SLM 162).

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