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tsg Completes Gatehouse Install

tsg, the Sheffield, England-based media programming and systems company, finished the sound and vision integration

tsg, the Sheffield, England-based media programming and systemscompany, finished the sound and vision integration at Lloyd’s No. 1bar, The Gatehouse, in Chichester, England.

On all recent projects for the company, tsg has used the SymetrixSymNet programmable DSP matrix device to store gain settings and routesignals to different zones, providing them with a more sophisticatedand flexible control solution than they had experienced with otherDSPs.

tsg reviewed a number of different DSP products before choosingSymNet, based on the flexibility of the control logic modules. TheSymNet 8×8 matrix device is used in conjunction with tsg’s promediamedia-management system, which also routes the different video sourcesand graphics via a Kramer switcher. Aside from triggering third-partydevices, promedia stores the specially made content that matchesLloyd’s customer profiling, triggering presets from an internal eventsscheduler to allow the volume levels to adjust incrementally inaccordance with trading patterns.

SymNet allows tsg project manager, Lee Price, to set parameters fromanywhere in the bar or back at company base in Sheffield. “SymNet willdo a whole lot more than other processors we have tried. Wetherspoon isspecific about their different zonal thresholds and SymNet allows us toramp up the volume incrementally rather than in steps and has theability to recall presets without an external trigger.”

To facilitate this, SymNet has introduced control signals and logic,adding modules to its expanding architecture. “You don’t get thesecontrol logic modules with other DSPs,” said Price. “Using the logicfaders and ramp processor, the volume sent to the four sound zones canbe controlled a lot more smoothly.”

In Chichester, SymNet is supplied with the ARC fully programmable,menu-driven wall panel, providing local override of the sourceselect.

Lee and operations manager Paul Kemp agreed that the backup theyreceive from distributors, Fuzion plc, is exemplary. “Their patiencehas been tremendous. Symetrix is constantly updating the SymNetsoftware and we have just downloaded yet another version of theirDesigner file onto promedia,” they said.

tsg has matched the evolving system requirements of Lloyds No. 1:”We have progressed from using very simple zoners with no interface tothe very sophisticated SymNet matrix,” said Price. “Wireless technologyis definitely the way forward, as it is so much faster and goes so muchfurther.”

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