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Turbosound’s New Aspect Speakers Scaleable to Venue

Turbosound's Aspect Series is a highly innovative sound reinforcement system, one of the company's most innovative designs to date.

Turbosound’s Aspect Series is a highly innovative soundreinforcement system, one of the company’s most innovative designs todate. The system is easily scaleable to suit specific acoustic andvenue requirements ranging from small clubs and auditoriums, to thelargest arenas and stadiums.

The Aspect Series consists of four modules: two models for touring-amid/high and bass enclosures, fitted with integral rigging hardware;and two trapezoidal models-a mid/high with matching bass cabinet,designed for ground stacking and fixed installations. The design of theAspect series features a set of proprietary transducers, which operateover four individual frequency bands and are divided between thesystem’s modular mid-high and low-frequency enclosures. The new seriesincorporates many patented concepts, with the key element being thesystem’s Polyhorn(tm) designs. These are applied at both high andhigh-mid frequencies, and comprise equal-path-length multisectionwaveguides that create a phase-coherent wavefront. This unique designpermits individual wavefronts to coincide seamlessly with the physicalcurvature of an array, to minimize comb filtering effects betweenadjacent cabinets and, due to the design’s tightly focusedpoint-and-shoot directivity, the system is intuitively adaptable to ahuge range of room size and audience coverage requirements.

All Aspect Series’ transducers have been designed in-house. Inaddition, high-stability neodymium magnet structures are usedthroughout, offering greater efficiency, better thermal stability,lower power compression and a reduction in overall weight. Enclosuredimensions are exactly divisible into both U.S. and European trucksizes, while the integral flying hardware enables the boxes-with theirrotatable mid-high section-to rig horizontally or vertically, andallows cabinets to be pre-assembled on wheel dollies for easierload-ins. The flying hardware can also be easily removed to permitindependent safety testing.

Four Aspect models are being launched. Aimed primarily at theinstall market, and also for ground-stacked touring applications, arethe TA-880H trapezoidal mid-high system and the corresponding TA-880Llow-frequency enclosure. These models use removable rigging swords thatform a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use flying system. For bothlarge and small scale touring applications, the TA-890H mid-high unit,and the identically-sized TA-890L low-frequency enclosure, are designedto be flown in point source arrays.

Turbosound’s Aspect series sets a new benchmark for audio quality insound reinforcement. Its combination of high efficiency and improvedpower handling can generate sound pressure levels in excess of 146dBpeak.

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