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Yamaha BR Series Loudspeakers

Designed to fit the budgets of performing musicians, DJs, houses of worship, schools, and small- to medium-sized venues, the BR Series loudspeakers

Designed to fit the budgets of performing musicians, DJs, houses ofworship, schools, and small- to medium-sized venues, the BR Seriesloudspeakers from Yamaha Professional Audio comprise five modelsdeveloped for mobile and permanent applications.

“Although the ‘BR’ prefix was chosen to representbass reflex, it is also very appropriate for describing theline’s advanced feature set,” commented Wayne Hrabak,marketing manager at Yamaha Professional Audio. “This seriesoffers products that have the full frequency response and high outputfound in more costly systems. It’s built right, has betterresponse and the best reliability.”

The BR Series has been engineered for the best balance ofeasy-to-handle cabinet sizes great low-frequency response using bassreflex technology. The series includes 10-inch (BR10, MSRP $249),12-inch (BR12, $279) and 15-inch (BR15, $329) two-way enclosures, plus12-inch and 15-inch floor monitors (BR12M, $299; and BR15M, $339).

High-frequency response has been enhanced with the addition of newTitanium drivers and 90°x40° nonresonant horns, whileintegrated protection circuitry built into the passive crossoverensures a long life of high output and minimal distortion. Powerhandling is rated at maximums of 400 to 800W, dependent upon model.

Constructed using advanced computer-controlled woodworking at YamahaMusic Manufacturing in Thomaston, Ga., BR cabinets include carpetedexterior finishes; heavy gauge, full-face perforated steel grilles;steel corner protectors; large metal handles; and steel input panelswith dual 1/4-inch connectors. In addition, all cabinets (includingmonitors) contain built-in pole-mounting sockets for addedflexibility.

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