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121st AES Convention Master Classes and Tutorials

Bob Moses

AES Tutorials & Master Class co-chairs Bob Moses and Valerie Tyler (pictured) have planned a full lineup of programming for this week’s AES convention, October 5–8 in San Francisco at the Moscone Convention Center.

The master class “What’s All This Analog Stuff, Anyhow,” presented by National Semiconductor’s Robert Pease, provides a unique perspective on analog design for audio equipment.

For “Physical Modeling Today,” Julius O. Smith III of the Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics will review methods for the design and implementation of efficient real-time digital sound synthesis models based on the physics of traditional musical instruments.

Valerie Tyler

“Psychophysics and Physiology of Hearing” is a tutorial presented by Poppy Crum of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The session will explore how the ear processes sound, and the psychoacoustic phenomena associated with perceptual experiences such as loudness, masking and spatial localization.

Michael Poimboeuf of Digidesign will present “Digital Plumbing for Studio, Broadcast and Live Audio.” The seminar will offer an overview of commonly used digital audio interconnection technology, including new systems currently in development.

Kelly Fitz of Washington State University and Lippold Haken of the University of Illinois will present “Techniques for Digital Sound Morphing.” Morphing is used throughout soundtrack and music production to synthesize a wide range of sound effects from alien voices to talking fish. This tutorial will present a variety of techniques for creating hybrid sounds or combining multiple sound characteristics.

Floyd Toole of Harman International Industries will present a tutorial on loudspeakers and rooms that will address the complexities of reflective rooms and new techniques for achieving good bass response at several listening locations.

Paul Stubblebine of Paul Stubblebine Mastering & DVD in San Francisco will present “Music Mastering for Stereo Release.” This tutorial will provide a brief history of mastering to give some perspective to today’s practices and discuss the debate over whether mastering is a technical job or an aesthetic one.

For a complete listing of master classes and tutorials, and for a calendar of 121st AES Convention event dates, times and locations, visit