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AES-BridgeCo BeBoB 4

BridgeCo released its fourth-generation FireWire audio interface processor and firmware platform, BeBoB 4, which has been upgraded to permit plug-and-play use of multiple synchronized digital audio inputs.

BeBoB 4 firmware supports synchronized digital inputs using S/PDIF and ADAT interfaces, including automatic signal and sample rate detection for S/PDIF inputs and automatic signal detection for ADAT inputs. This eliminates the need for sample rate conversion and quality loss when using multiple synchronized digital audio sources.

BeBoB 4 software is compatible with BridgeCo’s DM1100E processor, which supports 12 channels of digital input, and with BridgeCo’s DM1500E processor, which supports up to 128 channels of simultaneous synchronized digital input. Both processors support 800Mb/s (1,394b S800) data-rate transfers over FireWire to a host computer.

The BeBoB platform combines BridgeCo’s proprietary dual-core, ARM-based and DSP-enhanced DM1500E or DM1100E processor, and all of the required software to build a complete FireWire audio interface product. The BeBoB platform includes a real-time operating system (RTOS) and a comprehensive application software stack.

The BridgeCo platform interfaces directly to 1394 PHY chips, supporting 1394a at S400 data rates and 1394b at S800 data rates. The platform also incorporates multiple digital and analog I/Os that connect to microphones, loudspeakers, musical instruments and MIDI devices. BridgeCo provides driver support for computers running Mac OS X, Windows XP and Linux operating systems. BeBoB includes full ADAT/SMUX support, GSIF support, 1394a/b capability and a Linux 1394 audio driver (FreeBoB).

BeBoB 4 software stack and DM1100E or DM1500E ICs are currently available and priced as bundled platforms that incorporate the processor IC and BeBoB firmware. The BeBoB/DM1500E combined firmware/processor platform is priced at $29 in 1k unit volumes to sub-$20 in high volume, depending on included firmware modules. The BeBoB/DM1100E combined firmware/processor platform is priced at $15 in 1k unit volumes to sub-$10 in high volume, depending on included firmware modules.

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