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Aldersgate Church Installs Danley Sound Labs Loudspeakers

Founded in 1962, Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Augusta, Ga. has grown into a newly renovated 350-seat facility featuring a state-of-the-art audio and video system installed by dB Audio & Video. Frank Locklear, sales engineer and head of dB’s Augusta regional office, worked with the architects at Studio 3 Design Group to integrate the A/V system into the church’s sanctuary renovation.

“The church wanted to alter the space to fit both the traditional and contemporary services,” says Locklear. “There is a generation they are trying to reach that is used to a certain level of audio and video, as well as more energy than hymns in a traditional service. They were holding the praise service in the gym but wanted to bring both groups closer together.”

In order to install the appropriate sound system to serve both worship styles, Locklear laid out the sonic similarities and differences of each. “Good speech intelligibility is necessary for both styles,” he says. “The biggest differences are that the traditional service with organ or piano doesn’t need as much low-end and likes a more live room. Contemporary worship likes more of an acoustically dead space.”

The compromise was an acoustically live room with a precise sound system that could direct the energy onto the congregation and not over-excite the space. Two each of Danley Sound Labs’ SH100B and SH100 loudspeakers were used for front-of-house and delay. Locklear adds, “Both models have excellent directivity. The SH100Bs have additional low-end for the praise band without needing separate subwoofers. This was beneficial since additional subwoofers would not have fit into the architectural design.”

Two SH100Bs are on the left and right of the stage so as not to obstruct the view of the stained glass in the choir loft. Both loudspeakers are tucked into the cavity of the ceiling beams to provide coverage for the front two-thirds of the room. The SH100s cover the back one-third of the sanctuary. Two Community loudspeakers cover the choir loft.

Two 24-channel Yamaha 01V96V2-CA consoles are linked, along with an 8-input preamp, to handle the 36 inputs that are available from the stage via several floor boxes. The sound system is powered by QSC amplifiers.

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