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APWMayville Introduces Stantron Rack Accessories at NAB

An APWMayville PowerOptions power strip mounted on the company’s new Stantron Presentation Rack.

APWMayville is introducing an expanded suite of rack accessories at NAB 2007 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth #SU7220. New accessories for power, lighting and cooling, completely customizable with any APWMayville Stantron rack, are designed to enhance functionality for radio and television broadcasters and eliminate the need to purchase components from multiple vendors.

In addition to extending its PowerOptions range of thin power strips, APWMayville is introducing its new PowerMount system for mounting vertical power strips within the rack. PowerMount systems are designed for easy installation and repositioning. The full-length mounting brackets accept all styles and sizes of vertical PowerOptions power strips, and are included with every vertical PowerOptions purchase. PowerMount systems hold power strips in place while allowing power strips to be affixed in virtually any location inside the rack. PowerMount systems offer a 180-degree swivel feature for rotating the power strip during maintenance or integration procedures such as cabling and accessing power cords. The entire strip can face the front, middle or back of the cabinet.

If power demands increase, the PowerMount system allows for adding power. The system aims to improve overall airflow and enhance equipment cooling, as cabling can be taken out of the air path. In situations where a great deal of equipment is stored in a rack, users can reduce the opportunity for accidental bumping of power cords by facing the power strip directly at the equipment.

The company is also introducing its new LightingOptions and CoolingOptions product lines. All products are available with the company’s new Stantron Presentation Rack designed for A/V applications (pictured), and E-Rack for broadcast television and radio facilities. The LightingOptions range is designed for use in black or dark colored cabinets and racks containing black cables and power lines, which tend to absorb any lighting outside the cabinet. APWMayville’s lighting products promise flexible, portable illumination that can be easily repositioned. Lights affix to a magnetic strip, allowing them to be placed where needed.

CoolingOptions products work with all APWMayville Stantron racks, allowing customers to strategically place a fan where it can have the greatest impact. By targeting equipment that generates heat, engineers can tackle the problem at its source.

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