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AudioMicro Adds Hollywood Edge Collection to its Online Library, a crowd-sourced marketplace for royalty-free music and sound effects licensing, announces that its users can now download more than 55,000 sound effects from The Hollywood Edge, the world’s most widely used sound effects library. Consumers and professionals alike now have direct and immediate access to professional quality sound effects created by the Academy Award-winning sound studio Soundelux, whose credits include such films as Kill Bill, Braveheart, and Fast and Furious. The Hollywood Edge and Soundelux are part of the CSS Studios group of companies.

“Teaming with The Hollywood Edge is a big step forward for us,” says AudioMicro founder Ryan Born. “In addition to our superb collection of user-generated content, we can now deliver, on demand, thousands of sounds created by the world’s most talented sound professionals. Our users will be excited by the unprecedented quality, size and scope of this collection.”

Under the terms of a new licensing agreement, AudioMicro members have access to The Hollywood Edge’s library of professional-grade sound effects royalty free and under the same pricing and terms as AudioMicro’s crowd-sourced sound effects. Prices for individual sound effects are as little as $1 per minute, while subscription packages start at $9 per month. Users are permitted to use the content for all digital media, including Websites, short online films, motion pictures, feature films, Flash animations, radio s, PowerPoint presentations, live performance, remixes and other purposes.

Historically, The Hollywood Edge library has been available only in the form of large sound effects packages aimed at the professional market. “AudioMicro provides a platform where users can download as little as a single sound effect and do so at an affordable price,” notes Lon Bender, chief creative officer of CSS Studios. “We are very pleased by this opportunity to expand our digital downloading offering and to make our library accessible to a much wider spectrum of users.”

In addition to the alliance with The Hollywood Edge, AudioMicro recently redesigned its Website to incorporate several ease-of-use capabilities, including advanced search features, customizable favorites lists and embeddable tracks. Last month, AudioMicro announced the availability of its second iPhone app, AudioMicro Lite. AudioMicro Lite is a free app and includes more than 50 royalty-free sound effects as well as a “Sneak Attack” feature that sets the iPhone to play a specified sound effect when an unsuspecting person moves the device. For 99 cents, users can upgrade to the full AudioMicro app, which includes more than 500 professional sound effects.

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