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Aviom Sponsors 18-City Sound Workshop Tour

Continuing its relationship with the house of worship market, Aviom has signed on as a Gold sponsor of Fits & Starts Production’s HOW-TO sound workshops tour. Designed specifically for house of worship sound personnel, praise team musicians and ministers of music, the two-day hands-on workshops offer the latest in gear and techniques, and are taught by live sound and recording engineers who have decades of experience.

As part of the sponsorship, Aviom has provided the workshop tour with its signature Pro16 personal monitor mixing system. The system is covered as part of the instructional portion of the program, and workshop participants will also use it during a live performance of a local praise team during the second day.

“There’s no better way for church sound people to learn about the virtues of Aviom personal mixing than to use it for themselves,” explained Aviom’s director of marketing, Jason Frenchman. “The HOW-TO sound workshops give them that opportunity and, once they experience our technology first-hand, they’ll discover how it solves some of the problems of excessive volume and intelligibility they confront on Sundays.”

The current workshop tour begins on July 28 at the Rehoboth United Methodist Church in Williamsport, Md.

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