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Behringer Releases AX Series Amplifier Control Software

For AX Series installations, AX Remote Connect Version 1.1 provides a way for integrators to set up, control and monitor all Eurocom AX Series DSP models with a local PC via the front panel USB connector, or remotely over a network via the rear panel Ethernet port. A convenient front panel LCD display also allows setup and adjustments directly at the amplifier; a PC is not required.

Additionally, AX Remote Connect V. 1.1 allows full access to the AX Series’ onboard test section, which includes pink noise, white noise and a fixed/sweeping sine wave generator. This allows the installer to verify system operation without connecting an external source generator, or to use the AX Series amplifier as a sound masking processor.

The software features plug-and-play PC Remote Editor software for AX DSP Series running on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). It also offers graphic control over all DSP parameters; real-time, on-screen Input and Output metering; precise I/O Level Control via 22 virtual LED indicators; graphical feedback for filter/crossover, parametric EQ and dynamic EQ (level dependent equalization); and access to limiters, delays, EQ, crossover and dynamic EQ.

Users can store and recall settings in 20 Preset Locations, name amplifiers and presets for simple recall, and lock the system to restrict unauthorized access, a must for contractors and rental companies.

Download Behringer’s Eurocom AX Series Amplifier Control Software – AX Remote Connect Version 1.1.

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