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Bricasti Design Unveils Model 10 Remote Console

The new Bricasti Design Model 10 Remote Console is a dedicated hardware remote controller for use with the M7 Stereo Reverb Processor. Following the same hardware design criteria as the Model 7, the Model 10’s casing is milled from solid aluminum with an anodized finish.

The Model 10 controls between one and eight M7 processors. It connects to the first Model 7 via a 30-foot-long RS-422 9-pin serial cable. A serial loop-through is provided for connecting additional M7s in a daisy-chain configuration. DC power is supplied from the connected Model 7(s) through the serial cable; no external supplies are required for standard installations of less than 100 feet/30 meters.

The Model 10 features eight front-panel meters that display levels for four stereo audio sources, providing simultaneous metering of four connected Model 7s. Selection is by means of a dedicated Machine key on the M10. A dedicated Setup key is provided for the M10’s local memory, configurations and settings.

Future enhancements planned for the Model 10 include control of multiple M7s for multichannel applications.

For more information, visit and Bricasti Design’s U.S. distributor, Summit Audio.