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CBS Adds Fairlight Dream Constellations

CBS Television City has purchased two DREAM Constellation XT consoles, which will operate at CBS’ Los Angeles facility where they produce promos for the entire CBS TV network.

The two DREAM Constellation XTs will be networked together with Fairlight MediaLink, enabling projects to move seamlessly from room to room. In addition, the existing Fairlight Pyxis systems will deliver nonlinear video with audio and video transport controlled from either the console or the Pyxis GUI.

“CBS has been a Fairlight systems user for many years,” says Stuart DeMarais, Fairlight sales and marketing director, “so they are used to fast, reliable editors. In addition to these core requirements, the new system had to deliver an HD-ready platform with ‘real’ mixing facilities and professional monitoring capabilities. Our DREAM Constellation XT is the only solution that addresses all of these requirements. We are very pleased to serve CBS and look forward to an innovative future with one of the world’s most iconic broadcasters.”

Media Gear US, the exclusive Fairlight Business Partner in North America, will oversee the completion of the installation during January 2006.

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