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Crowley and Tripp, TRUE Systems Announce Collaboration

Bob Crowley (left) and Tim Spencer

TRUE Systems and Crowley and Tripp Microphones announced that they will offer specially priced packages of the P-SOLO Ribbon preamp and the Naked Eye ribbon microphone. TRUE Systems’ Tim Spencer worked with Crowley and Tripp’s Bob Crowley at Tape Op Con in Tucson, Ariz. to carefully match microphone and preamp and assure the best possible performance under all recording situations.

TRUE Systems P-SOLO Ribbon preamp, Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye ribbon mic

“The P-SOLO works with all natural ribbon mics, and the Naked Eye works with virtually all preamps,” Crowley says, “so putting the two together creates an unbeatable sound with clean gain, tons of headroom, plus the high output of the Naked Eye. The sound is apparent. More really is more—guitars, vocals, everything.”

Spencer adds, “With the P-SOLO, we have pushed the limits of low noise, high gain musical amplification, again. Careful front-end design, an intelligent gain curve, and a bulletproof power supply assure a level of performance that maintains clean, clear sound, even as tracks are layered many times over.”

The P-SOLO Ribbon preamp and Naked Eye ribbon microphone package is available through or, as well as pro audio dealers. The package price is $1,265, a savings of $225 from the regular price of $1,490.