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Danley Sound Labs Announces TH-118 Subwoofer

Danley Sound Labs will introduce the TH-118 subwoofer ($3,332 MSRP) at InfoComm 2010, which will take place June 9-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The TH-118 joins Danley’s family of patent-pending tapped horn subwoofers that offer flat, low and powerful bass from relatively lightweight, compact enclosures.

The TH-118 modifies Danley’s TH-115 subwoofer with an 18-inch driver that is said to add even greater output to a format that is known for generating big sound from a little package. Danley offers the TH-118 as a solution for sound reinforcement or fixed installation for corporate A/V, clubs, ballrooms, theaters, performing arts centers, houses of worship and more.

“The TH-118 kind of fell into my lap,” says inventor Tom Danley. “Eighteen Sound introduced a new 18-inch driver that is tremendously powerful. I looked at the computer model of the TH-115, which is, of course, well suited to a 15-inch driver. Remarkably, when you drop the new parameters in, the model calls for essentially the same box that we are already using for the TH-115. We prototyped one with the 18-inch driver, and the sound was simply amazing. The TH-118 weighs only two pounds more than the TH-115 and yet is markedly more powerful. I’m eager to get the TH-118 out in the field!”

The new TH-118 is available in four-ohm and eight-ohm models. Both are capable of delivering 146 dB at 134 Hz with input power rates of 1,800 watts continuous and 3,600W program. Danley states that both output from 40 to 250 Hz with only 3 dB of deviance, and suggests only modest processing—a simple 24dB Butterworth filter at 25 Hz. Sensitivities are 114 dB and 111 dB at 134 Hz for the four-ohm and eight-ohm models, respectively.

Danley will exhibit at InfoComm in booth #C7488 and demonstrate its new modeled horns in Demo Room N 108.

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