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DiGiCo Announces New Dante Interface at Prolight+Sound 2011

Dante DMI (DiGiCo Multichannel Interface) card

At this year’s Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, which takes place April 6-9, 2011, DiGiCo announces the adoption of Audinate’s Dante digital networking solution and the launch of two new products that implement Dante.

“The first, an 8-channel I/O module for the SD-Rack, is something we believe the industry would expect from DiGiCo,” explains managing director James Gordon. “The module allows our users to drop audio on and off a Dante network for connection to system control, amplifiers and general audio networks.

“The second is a little more unexpected and comes from our Solutions Division in the shape of Dante DMI (DiGiCo Multichannel Interface) card.” 

Users can add the Dante DMI card (pictured) to either a D-Rack or SD-Rack, and it allows connection between the I/O rack and a standard PC or Mac via Cat-5.

Applications that can take advantage of this functionality and straightforward recording include broadcast, live touring, studio recording, rehearsal rooms and multiple fixed installation environments.

Audinate transports high-quality media over standard IT networks. Its Dante products deliver a no-hassle, self-configuring, true plug-and-play digital audio network that uses standard Internet protocols. Dante also provides a migration path to upgrade to new standards such as the IEEE Audio Video Bridging (“AVB”).

Using the newly released DiGiCo-Control software, the user can control all the functions of the rack via a standard network connection. This control includes the high quality preamp gains, 48-volt phantom power and access to most DAWs for recording via the Dante network. All of this is enabled via one Cat-5 cable, with the ability to have a second connection offering redundancy of a recording.

“DiGiCo has been at the forefront of many innovations over the years and we are proud they have chosen Dante as their Digital Networking Solution,” says John McMahon, Audinate’s VP of sales and support. “The new eight channel I/O module for the SD-Rack and the DiGiCo Multichannel Interface card are exciting new products that enhance end-users’ capability to use Dante in more ways.” 

“This is a big move for DiGiCo,” says Gordon. “We feel that it is a clear statement that we are not only a console manufacturer, but a digital solutions company.”

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